Why You Need to Use A Mortgage Broker

They will protect your mortgage

Advice is tailored to your individual needs and circumstances meaning that your needs are the most important thing when a broker makes a recommendation. A mortgage Broker can really search the whole of the market for you meaning that they have the expertise in knowing which lenders you may or may not be able to approach saving you potentially hours / days of time, and also assist your credit score by reducing the amount of searches you may have on your file by approaching numerous lenders. A Broker will assess your affordability needs and ensure you are fully protected reviewing your income and also recommending products that can protect you if the worst was to happen.

They are experts in this area

Setting up a mortgage isn’t just as easy as popping to your local branch and stating how much you’d like to borrow these days, and a lot of thought and preparation needs to go into purchasing the most important asset in your life. Your home.

They work for you not the bank

As a mortgage broker they have a duty to provide professional advice using experience and an understanding of the whole of market which a single tied bank cannot offer. Banks / building societies can only offer products from a single restricted choice of their own products whether this is the correct product for you or not.

Industry Experts

An independent mortgage broker will look for the best mortgage for you. They aren’t on the lender’s side, they’re on yours, and they’ll give you access to far more products than if you went direct. You’d get unbiased advice and would be able to choose from a range of lenders and subsequent products, rather than being restricted to the single range of the lender you go to.

It is not just about the mortgage

Mortgage criteria have been tightened massively over the last few years, with the Mortgage Market Review being the latest, and arguably widest-ranging, development. It’s been designed to ensure borrowers can prove affordability, even in the event of a rate rise, and those extra checks have understandably increased application times.

They have exclusive relationships with providers

A broker knows lenders who can accommodate you if you have been employed for less than 6 months, only have 1 year’s accounts or even if you have had adverse credit in the past, a broker will be able to advise you on the most suitable lenders for your needs.

Using a mortgage broker means that you can access exclusive deals and rates that you will not be offered going direct to a lender – these are usually a lower rate than what is offered direct to you. A broker will also push the lender to complete your mortgage quickly to ensure you do not encounter any unnecessary delays. A broker can not only access products but lenders too that are not accessible direct for example, Platform (Mortgage division of Co-operative bank) and Accord Mortgages (intermediary division of Yorkshire building society) along with specialist lenders like Precise Mortgages and Kensington Mortgages. Not using a broker could mean that you miss the very attractive rates that these mortgage companies offer and lose out on hundreds of pounds in savings.

Stress removed from the process for you

The stress and hassle are taken away from you. This is one of the biggest and most time-consuming commitments you are ever likely to make in your life. Using a broker means that all the hard work is done for you, and you can, in some cases, have a decision in principle and start the application process in the same day. The mortgage broker will package everything for you and chase your solicitors right through to completion meaning you don’t have to. This will save you time which, let’s face it, is one of the few things in life you can’t put a price tag on!

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